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Trentham Gardens, Staffs. The spectacular and vast gardens were once tended by up to 50 gardeners and were recently refurbished and replanted with thousands of plants and flowers to return it to its former glory. It is still maintained by a huge staff and is seen by many visitors especially in spring and summer. The famous Italian Gardens were revived by award-winning designer Tom Stuart-Smith.
my front porch garden sanctuary.
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Garden Design Ideas Japanese
Flowering pots on front steps & hedges lining the sidewalk.
Tree Stump Decorating Ideas | ... stump -- tree struck by lightening years ago -- into a planter with
use this type of sand for backyard- packed, safe, easy clean
Still of Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins
Front porch house hanging plants containers and windowboxes of Ipomoea Margarita sweet potato vine, Calibrachoa, annual flowers for curb appeal entrance, porch furniture