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This simple salsa dance video lesson will show you how to connect beginner and intermediate salsa dance moves into a simple combination. We will utilize a regular cross body lead, S-turn, Cross Body Lead 180 and a hammer lock loop over lock in sequence for this combination. If you have any questions on each of the individual moves, check out our previous videos at <a href=""></a>

My man and I just learned how to boot scootin boogie! :) Adrias Boot Scootin Boogie Instructional Dance Video


Magna Gopal doing a quick freestyle to the song "Jazzy" by "Willie Colon" and also having a social dance with some Korean salseros at the Korea Salsa Congres...

You've been watching these already, haven't you ...

Salsa! Shot & Edited by Jeff Roy, (951)323-1651, VisioneerMedia dot com An amazing salsa-style dance from a wedding reception in 2007. The dancers and Alien Ramirez and Alex Da Silva, a choreographer from the TV show 'So You Think You Can Dance'. They obviously can!

How to Salsa Dance : Copa Check Bounce

Latin Dance Competition First Place 2013

Learn to Dance Salsa : Basic Steps for Beginners - YouTube