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The Southern Comfort Inn Adult Care Residence: Ruskin, Florida ( Also includes photography taken by UC!

Spelling~ USA vs. Canada ~Just some examples: Words with/without "U": Behavior/Behaviour, Color/Colour, Flavor/Flavour, Harbor/Harbour, Honor/Honour, Humor/Humour, Mold/Mould, Neighbor/Neighbour, Rumor/Rumour ~Words with "er/re" reversed: Center/Centre, Fiber/Fibre, Liter/Litre, Meter/Metre, Theater/Theatre ~Words that are just spelled differently: Analyze/Analyse, Check/Cheque, Cream/Creme, Defense/Defence, License/Licence I am linking a website to see more if you are interested

This is an excellent example of a simple dogtrot house which is essentially a small home split into to halves that are separated by a breezeway. It’s an ideal design for hot and humid climates because the cooling effect of the breezeway helps keep the two halves of the home comfortable. It’s also very conducive to outdoor living since the breezeway can easily double as added living space.

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Reinvent Yourself + Preview My CA Trip

Great reads from the link from reinventing yourself to kombucha spritzers and making millions. Also preview my trip to southern CA!

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Chicken N Dumplings made EASY

Chicken N Dumplings made EASY! Looks great- just Instead of using store-bought stock, use my chicken broth.

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Fall 2012 Learning Community Clusters and Program Activities

what is a community | Fall 2012 Learning Community Clusters and Program Activities

Man, the hardest part of becoming a vegetarian is knowing I'll never have my Mama's Old Fashioned Meatloaf again.

Gaff Air has been providing quality air conditioning and heating equipment to customers in the Southern Highlands since 1988. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, which includes the quality of our installations and the quality of our workmanship.

Roommate Citation Nifty Note - Desk - Dorm + Apt. may order this right now!

Burn this fancy candle when you're alone and desperately homesick Image: homesick candles By Andrea Romano2016-08-17 20:21:18 UTC Smell is one of the bodys strongest links to memory. A whiff of your favorite food the summer breeze or a special soap can make you think of your childhood home. Now you can have that comforting scent anytime right at your fingertips. A company called Homesick Candles creates custom scents to remind you of your home state. Each jumbo-sized candle burns between…