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Crunchyroll - Swimsuit-Clad "Keijo!!!!!!!!" Anime Character Designs Previewed

リン☆ユウ@1日目東A65b on

☆ #AnimeTime ☆ anime girls wow what a hottie like when a girl does that with her hair or is trying to fix it :3

This is me. I love pink and im kinda girly on the outside but that's not my personally! I love video games, am a tomboy, I love love, am SUPER overprotective of my freinds, and I'm an anime (but cute) nerd!

「Re : zero」/「miyaza」[pixiv]

Anime picture 1800x2247 with aoki hagane no arpeggio kongou (aoki hagane no arpeggio) taka-kun single tall image highres simple background purple eyes white bare shoulders silver hair hair up cosplay kongou (kantai collection) (cosplay) girl hair ornament detached sleeves thigh boots