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Relax, it's a perfectly normal thing for a leader to give governmental power to his adult sons. Saddam Hussein and his sons Uday and Qusay Hussein

Language and content warning. Artwork that will turn your stomach. PizzagateYouTube

World-famous political theorist Noam Chomsky did not mince his words when it came to his thoughts on Donald Trump’s shocking electoral victory last week.

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The Importance of Creating Provocative, Uncensored Art

WARNING! Graphic Content: Political Cartoons, Comix and the Uncensored Artistic Mind from Robert Crumb's Sketchbook

The Nephites quickly became their own worst enemies by allowing their spiritual successes, military victories, and material gains to grow into unchecked pride and soon into outright contention. This should warn all modern followers of Christ to be careful not to slip into an attitude of “all is well in Zion”. #Pride #Riches #Wealth #BookofMormon #LDS #Faith #Mormon