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We found this powerful cover photo available for free from the Smithsonian. The author didn’t have an actual photo of his father in the 1920’s when he was "on the tramp”, but this one captured the book’s subject perfectly. Notice the art deco font, perfect for the time, and the melancholy blue gradient frame, which sets the mood.
Iconic photograph: "Wait For Me Daddy," by Claude P. Dettloff, October 1, 1940: A line of soldiers march in British Columbia on their way to a waiting train as five-year-old Whitey Bernard tugs away from his mother's hand to reach out for his father. (H/t Jodi P)  Via: vancouverhistory.ca
Dorothea Lange (1895-1965), a great American photographer, is perhaps best known for her photographs of Dust Bowl migrants during the Great Depression.
Depression Era Cooking
The most powerful photos ever made
The. Great. Depression
FSA Kitchen 1935 1942  Depression-era kitchen...  grateful for what i have
Some meals that were eaten during the Great Depression....how many of these are familiar to you?
This picture was taken in the early 1930's and shows a poor family in the Great Depression. You really wonder how they were able to feed such a large family in such hard times.