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tj favorite of all time summer: my hair is frizzing out. i look like howard stern. seth: see, strangely, i feel like my jew-fro benefits from this climate. summer: you're jewish? seth: yes. that's why i feel so comfortable in this desert heat.

Kniphofia 'Mango Popsicle' - Delicious spikes of sweet, mango orange bloom continuously summer into fall. The short grassy foliage looks neat all summer. A terrific drought tolerant garden plant. Great in the mid-border.

We've partnered with Visa to bring you an ongoing series of travel diaries from our favourite contributors. Previously, we asked contributing fashion editor Zara Mirkin to show us around the Californian desert and photographer Gavriel Maynard to share his guide to Tokyo. Now, here's model Staz Lindes' guide to London. 1. London has such beautiful parks … A lot of them you can make new friends in! Here's a pic of my friend Magnus with his new mate 'Swany'. 2. Spring time in London is the…


Fantastical Bohemian Fashion : The Libertine 'Spellbinding'

The Libertine 'Spellbinding' - The Libertine ‘Spellbinding’ editorial is full of magic. The bohemian style is not only fit for a nature-loving sorceress, the colorful...


The Ghostly Grandeur Of A Desert Graveyard

Some people have been buried in El Paso's Concordia Cemetery. The Texas graveyard is the final home to gunslingers, Mormon pioneers, Chinese immigrants, Mexican revolutionaries and Civil War veterans. Its desert setting is a venue for a popular Day...