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Another great Degas...this one was featured in the first Batman movie. Jack Nicholson's Joker splatted it with paint

Tattoo Artists Chris Nunez and Ami James. there amazing ! there my 2nd (ami) and 3rd (chris) fav. Kat von d still at 1st then 4th is jim hendricks<3

8 Badass Photos From the Real-Life "Monuments Men"—Who Saved Art and Treasure From the Nazis | Mother Jones

Attack of the Crab Monsters (Allied Artists, 1957). Insert (14" X 36"). The tables are turned on a group stranded on a rapidly shrinking island when a group of large, intelligent, brain-eating crabs put humans on their menu! This entertaining cult classic could only have been brought to the screen by the master of low-budget creature features, Roger Corman. Featuring a terrifying image of the crabs at work, this insert is always in high demand.