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New York City the City that never sleeps is the witness for the new images captured by photographer Alex Jackson in exclusive exposing for the first time in Fashionably Male, entitled “Nigh Walker” with Jake Filling from New York Model Management.

No creerás los precios que esta aerolínea piensa cobrar a quienes viajen a Europa

Miracle Morning Cambodia Tours - Miracle Morning: Why you should have a morning routine.

And it begins. The onslaught of posts from New York, that is. I didn’t plan on it, but I think I have more posts than days I was in the city to share with you, so I hope you’re as enthusiastic about The Big Apple as I am!

To Victoria Edgecombe - Apologies

almost like another world, kind of reminds me of what electricidad might be feeling or even seeing whenever she "talks" to her father

New York City Times Square.

Noisy, Moment, I chose this photo for noisy because the cars make a lot of noise. This photo shows rule of thirds, contrast, portrait, clutter, and open composition.