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I'm waiting until my birthday to read your message. Your message alone drops the R.O..but I won't tell anybody cause I don't want to take you through anymore bs. I want to take you through love and happiness, and to continue our lives together creating beautiful memories for the rest of Eternity Baby Girl

Getting away from a man that is having an affair with a married woman. They had sex in her husbands company truck. Because her car had a flat. Oh then the other woman that is a lesbian bit he's sleeping with her too. Says that every woman wants him. Not this one. Had him for 25 years. He's not that great or important.

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THIS!!! Where can I find this...... two 7 year relationships of SHIT. I'm ready for the real deal. A real man..... please!!!!!!!

yep very true, I'm a piece of you, you were the first person to love me and I know you always will. I'll forever be your baby girl <3

It's Not Love That Needs Chasing -