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I'm sure I was his chaos... I showed him happiness and he showed me love! We showed each other another side of life. Miss my Jay!!

No but seriously, really & truly, THIS IS ME 100%!!!! I am getting told every other day to shave my face because I hate doing it & I'm not that worried about it. And plus, have you seen the hair on OUR legs??? We could start our very own "Locks of Love" charity!!! So yea, major double standard.

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Muggle, Please | T-Shirt | Harry Potter

@shelbyjoiner you better believe I will be saying this in class tonight! And for the rest of my life!

Me: grabs bat. Hits spider not knowing it on Vincent's face. Vincent: OOOOOOWWWWWW! HEY WATCH WHERE YOUR SWINGING THAT THING! Me: shot sorry... W-w-why did you have the spider in your face... Vincent: Pssh. Wimp. Can't handle a spider...DONT GRAB THE CAN! (Runs off) Mike comes back Mike: a spiders one thing but a can?