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Hetalia - Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland

I literally just lost it...Girrll...♊️

The sassy gay grandfather clock. I want it. I also want the "Be Our Guest" thing as well. <-Full of awesome.<<<can someone get this for me I will take good care of Samuel the Sassy Gay Grandfather Clock aka SSGGC

I know everything you read on the internet is true because they can't put anything on the internet that isn't true!

Who knew these existed?

I remember seeing the "blue watermelon" before and i knew it was photoshopped because I had seen the normal picture about two years prior!

Thank you, kid.

Kids React to Game Boys. Oh I wanted to kill them all when I watched this. Except for the last kid. I like that kid" vandewettering seriously? Kill kids/ mad at kids cause they dont understand game boys? Somethings wrong with yiu lol!

those dang wasp nests ruining    everything/making it awesome

Funny pictures about Noticing a wasp nest. Oh, and cool pics about Noticing a wasp nest. Also, Noticing a wasp nest.

United Airlines Memes

Note the guy's name is United AirLanes. These people are complaining about United AirLInes

This is a college dorm must!

Did we just discover how to paint with all the colors of the wind? (Maybe I should also pin this in my Getting Crafty board, sense it is a pretty good idea.

Voting campaign

Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day those would so b your campaign posters😂