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14 Laugh-Out-Loud Books Coming Out This Fall

14 books to read for fall that will make you laugh out loud, including Maria Semple and Jennifer Weiner's new releases!

This little penguin with the "soul of an eagle" is just too, too cute. This is an endearing story with a laugh out loud ending. I loved it.

"You know that’s actually my secret origin. Not a lot of people know this, but I was actually just a pun grown out of control."

hahaa give me 34 Minutes with Benedict Cumberbatch please.

This, actually, was the thing that got me to read Homestuck. "No Homestucks in the lobby!" I found out why.... We're all so obnoxious!! >XD

esp. in Percy Jackson books when the monsters had weird greek names and i'm just like, "Polynaksleufhcyus" tags; when you're reading a book with a hard-to-pronounce word Harry Potter: Uh… that character, he has a name. PENSIEVE WAS THE HARDEST WORD I EVER NEVER SAID.<<<< For me it was "Dodona" I can't say it out loud and my dad laughed at me when I tried...

OMFG, that last line... I actually snorted and laughed out loud.

from Medium

What Calvin and Hobbes taught me about mindfulness. – Mindful stuff.

Such a wonderful cartoon. And so many good messages in it as well.