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Pick this character as your captain if you wish to win at Super Sluggers!

Princess Peach Landscape by ~SaladBowl on deviantART

Mario Kart 8 : Gold Peach Finishing in first place overall on a Grand Prix with at least 55 points will unlock a new character at random. You can play 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, or Mirror and it will unlock regardless of the difficultly. So just keep beating Grand Prixes and you'll get her eventually.

Colorful Yoshis! @Noémie L plein de petits yoshi !

Yochis de colores con baby Mario

Super Mario Bros. Nintendo. 90s. Curated by Suburban Fandom, NYC Tri-State Fan Events:

Mario and Yoshi vs. Bowser The Final Level Super by Wizyakuza

Interesting one by perverted.penguin #nes #microhobbit (o) sister is in her violin lesson and i need to wait for her hdsfg