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Gustav Klimt Death and Life (Detail) 1910

This detail from Klimt's Medicine shows the figure of Hygeia, the mythological daughter of the god of medicine. Klimt was loyal to traditional depictions of the goddess, providing her with a snake and the cup of Lethe. However, above Hygeia, Klimt painted a large column of light, and placed on either side several nude figures and, most notably, a skeleton to symbolize Death.

H.M. King Gustaf III of Sweden (1746-1792) By Krafft - Gustav was a vocal opponent of what he saw as the abuse of political privileges that had been negotiated from the crown on behalf of the nobility since the death of King Charles XII. He seized power from the government in a coup d'état in 1772 that ended the Age of Liberty in Sweden and initiated a campaign to restore autocracy.

In the initiation of the living, however, this "Beyond" is not a world beyond death, but a reversal of the mind's intentions and outlook, a...