Most Stunning Hand Tattoos 2013

tattoo: a realistic eye tattooed on the hand. This image doesn't belong to seiza. For our collection of original tattoo designs visit the 'Original Designs for Tattoos' section.

Black and Grey Realistic Rose Tattoo | Norberg continues to impress with his…

Beautiful and realistic tattoos created by Swedish tattoo artist Niki Norberg, who produces some amazing monochrome pieces with an incredible work on gradients.

Amazing tattoo, but I'd never get it

You know you are an amazing tattoo artist when you can create THIS from drawing strait into someone's skin

daith+piercing | ... referring to:

I can't decide between getting my daith or rook pierced! This one is the Daith. It's so cute!

Beautiful quote! "It was in love I was created and in love is how I hope to die"

Perfect Places For A Tattoo: Outer Arm. "It was in love I was created and in love is how I hope to die" _Paolo Nutini

Teachers could really have eyes in the back of their head.  Eye tattoo by John Anderton. #tatts #inked #tattoo

Head Tattoos - Eye Tattoo - Best Tattoos Ever - Tattoo by John Anderton - 07

Amazing Phoenix from Johan of Evil Twins Heavenly Tattoo.

The back is a great place for a gigantic phoenix tattoo, and this guy opted for exactly that. In the back tattoo in this photograph, the phoenix is inked i

MC Escher, nevermore...

40+ awesome-looking tattoo designs for nerds and geeks

Awesome leaf/nature tattoo

Attacking eagle and rabbit in a leaf tattoo on arm. I love tatts with layers of meaning - things in it you don't even notice until you give it a second look.