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Abraham Lincoln - Prediction of the future and it is here.

Abraham Lincoln Quote - America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. It has never been so true as right now!

Baby in favor of gun control....    Posted by PoolAndSpa.com Inc.  http://www.poolandspa.com/

Baby in favor of gun control

It is the same way all over the world; Even if one has a perfectly good reason to speak up, it gets pulled out of preportion and shouted down as racism, just because it's a white person who dares to mention a black person doing wrong

Angie Harmon Amazing how that works isn't it? Vote or say anything against Him or His policies, you will be tagged a Racist.Sorry Angie, We all know you are not a racist or anti-American as Obama and His family are.

Fairfax County Police Watch: Dallas officer fired, charged for excessive force

MM sez: Shoot first and explain after! I am really not into guns, probably anti - but I posted this as this struck me as quite funny.Funny Sign Cost of Ammo Gun Man Cave Garage Humorous Metal or Plastic

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Tuesday Images ………………….

You should buy a mirror and then make comments. I am not against tattoos or piercings but this is out of control.    (Agreed.... this is horrid..... if that makes me bias to NOT give this person a job, it's My right, YOU look Like A FREAK!!!!

So the guy in the picture got sued by this girl because he put star tattoos all over her face and she hated it so she sued him. Messed up right?

Sheriff David Clarke on Obama starting the war on police

Sheriff David Clarke Has A Few Words About Coping W/ Obamas' Hatred 4 R American Police Officers!

No U.S sailors Witnessed...

Strange facts about the so-called "death" of Osama Bin Laden. There wasn't a Osama Bin Laden. The Twin Towers was an attack arranged by our own government. Don't believe me, look at my board and do your research.

or ellen says a christian can't be on her show because of her beliefs but christian bakers have to bake a cake

Wait you're saying it wasn't a hate crime? Pretty sure everyone was saying it was a hate crime. It also included guns. The first hate crime didn't include guns, so it wasn't a gun problem.