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Explore Hetalia Aph, Powers Hetalia and more! Camplayco Axis Powers Hetalia APH Rosa·kirkland Maid Uniform Cosplay Costume-made: Clothing

Persocom Ears and Hair Beads for Cosplay of Chobits Chii Shugo Chara Fashion SET Cosplay Costume Takatatomy Sonokong 2008 Collection Gift: Clothing ABC(TM) Women 80D Jointed Doll BJD Tights Pantyhose Lolita Cosplay Joint Socks: Clothing

So I’ve been asked more than a few times how I made the fins for Undyne, and I actually compiled a tutorial to our facebook cosplay page a while ago. Full instructions under the cut, or you can go to the fb post here! I’ve posted closeups of the...

Dragon Costume

Dragon Costume by BreannaC STEP 4: Create Dragon Wings

WIP of how I constructed my Lulu Staff. Created a base out of cardboard. Built up shape with expanding foam which was then carved. I covered everything with paper mache and paper clay...creating the 'wood' designs. And finally painted with acrylics. #cosplay #leagueofcosplay #leagueoflegends #wip #tutorial #cosplaytutorial

DIY Elvish Crown Tutorial from Rachel Ann Poling. This is a 2 part tutorial for making this wirework DIY Elvish Crown. Part 1 - the design phase - is here. After doing wirework myself and posting hundreds of wire DIYs on truebluemeandyou, what I found most interesting about this tutorial were the mistakes made and how they were fixed. If you are interested in making Cosplay wire accessories, I would definitely look into this 4 part series: Everything You Need to Know About Jewelry Wire.