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Is that why their song lyrics are "hoping for better days"? I would love for them to continue making music even after they are married and have families. Because their music speaks to me, so I would love for BTS & their music to grow with me ♡

And jin was saying how his hands were the size of jimin's. The difference isn't even that much. Your hands are fine jin.

HEHEHE VKOOK ON THE RISEEE XD Jungkook actually looks kind of embarrassed tho like his cheeks are kind of red

This is beautiful. BTS is my all time favorite kpop group

I bet you he lost a bet<<< nope that's just taetae. he would just do it for the fun of it

Jimin is honestly so supportive of everyone for everything and anything!

Honey, enough of being flirty here. Youre mine alright

She got personalized letters from each of them