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Little boy pic idea by Jac2

Cute idea with cars! Could be done with Thomas trains or even super heroes. Very fun! My Jordan loves his cars

This should hold all his cars although it's a little tacky for my taste! Maybe could dress it up somehow used stained oak shelves?? Or stainless steel?!

bedrooms that look like playrooms

Storage for metal toy Matchbox cars in playroom. From "a LO and behold life: DIY Matchbox Car Garage" for the playroom

Hot Wheels - Yet another crazy @grinder_tv shot this time via @streettrucks of my man @pony420 old GMC C10 “Lucy” laying over her @racelinewheels , this truck is so bad ass, can not wait for the...

Hot Wheels - One of our favourite images ever, bad ass shot of “Lucy” from a couple of years ago, such a crazy truck rocking a combo, sweet!


An entry from Emilialua

My next car. orange aventador A super sports car which has 6 wheels sports cars Gumball rally ? Ferrari vs Lamborghini which

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Small Shots Dolls -- rollerskated down my brother's Hot Wheels tracks.

SMALL SHOTS: Mattel Hot Wheels Redline Era Dolls

Small Shots - 1971 Speediest Kids On Wheels Small Shots were made from 1971 to With Hot Wheels being such a huge success, Mattel attempted to expand it's toys with Small Shots to attract girls as.