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16 percent of #Dutch #workforce need 'holiday money'  Every year, holiday grants for countless Dutch employees are an “extra”. However, this year, it might not be the case for many. According to a recent ABN AMRO study case, 16% of Dutch employees’ #holiday #grants and tax returns are actually needed by them to survive the upcoming months ahead. -Together Abroad http://www.togetherabroad.nl/blogs/3/mqb10b-16-percent-of-dutch-workforce-need-'holiday-money'

16 percent of Dutch workforce need 'holiday money'

Excess #Vacancies in #Dutch #Primary #Schools cost money - Together Abroad http://www.togetherabroad.nl/blogs/3/ed2fwa-excess-vacancies-in-primary-schools-cost-money

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Together Abroad Speak Dutch & inmprove your changes of finding a job http://www.togetherabroad.nl/blogs/3/5sosfb-speak-dutch-and-improve-your-chances-of-finding-a-job-

Speak Dutch and improve your chances of finding a job

IMPRESSIVE RESUMES One of the most important and intimidating steps in the job search process is writing a solid resume that gets the attention you want and need. This course will teach you not only the important components to be included in your resume, but how to create an impressive resume.  Book free of charge test lesson. Also, check other personalised online courses available on the platform.  Photo credits: google images

3 Types of Resume Format Depending on your targeted job and career status, three type of Popular Resume Formats are: chronological, functional, and combination resume.

Dutch employees are satisfied with their supervisors -Together Abroad http://www.togetherabroad.nl/blogs/3/lgo1fw-dutch-employees-are-satisfied-with-their-supervisors-

Dutch employees are satisfied with their supervisors

The #Dutch #Economy is #growing. Due to higher investments, exports and more consumption contribution, the Dutch economy grew in the first quarter of 2015 by 0.4% compared to the previous one.  - Together Abroad http://www.togetherabroad.nl/blogs/3/hn60xx-the-dutch-economy-is-growing

The Dutch economy is growing

Five #Dutch #Universities placed TOP 100 in the #WorldReputationRankings 2015! -Together Abroad http://www.togetherabroad.nl/blogs/3/vwbxkx-five-dutch-universities-in-world-reputation-rankings-2015

Five Dutch universities in World Reputation Rankings 2015

New Dutch dismissal law in a nutshell | HR News - Together Abroad http://www.togetherabroad.nl/blogs/3/pbs01i-new-dutch-dismissal-law-in-a-nutshell-%7C-hr-news

New Dutch dismissal law in a nutshell

#Dutch #Student named #Global Student #Entrepreneur of the #Year - Together Abroad  http://www.togetherabroad.nl/blogs/3/o2tqtz-dutch-student-named-global-student-entrepreneur-of-the-year

Dutch student named Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year