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Slow Cooker Red Wine Short Rib Stew with Wild Rice

Bring it on Fall it's slow cooker season. Slow Cooker Red Wine Short Rib Stew. I'm pretty sure gold spoons make this taste better. #thejudylab #thisisfall #wwllt

Honey-Cilantro Wings with Red Cabbage Slaw

Lets be real its to 'effing hot to cook. But in case youre not using Seamless Honey Cilantro Wings with Red Wine Vinegar Slaw. @Delish #recipe link in profile. #thejudylab #howisummer

Rosemary Potato Tart

Thin layers of potato & cheese drizzled with truffle oil. I served mine with a little gem salad & a tart red wine vinegar dressing and called it brunch. But this could be good for Easter. #recipe link in profile. #thejudylab #Easter

Feels good being back in the kitchen. Made a Summery pasta yesterday. Half spaghetti / half yellow zucchini noodles with pesto and cherry tomatoes. Highly suggest you find a seat outside with a glass of crisp white wine to go with a bowl of this. Happy Summer. (#Recipe next wk on @delish bts on this & a inspired little gem salad thejudylab) w @parisiansugar #thejudylab

Steak Frites

Meatless Monday nah. This Steak Frites is gonna kick your ass. Recipe coming to the blog & @Delish later this week. But for #meatlessmonday die hards I have a preview on = thejudylab. You're going to love it. #thejudylab

There was wine with lunch today. Yes it was that kind of day. Seared Pork Chops with Gremolata over Rainbow Swiss Chard Sauteéd in Butter Garlic & White Wine. Snapchat madness includes a small demo of this and snippets of some other recipes. @ParisianSugar I hope you guys enjoy this for dinner I really needed the room in my fridge so thank you seriously! =thejudylab @delish #wwllt #thejudylab

Shamelessly using pizza from@martamanhattan to get your attention did it work? In return I promise amazing food & cocktails at@nokidhungrynysTaste of the Nation event on Mon 4/25 in NYC.Are you coming?? Ive been working w #TOTNfor the past few years through @kitchentablenyc & Graces generous donation of the event space for auction but Im thrilled to beworkingdirectly with this team as well.Come join me to support them by buying a ticket (20% disc code: TOTNJudyLab link in…

I hope this weekend is full of guacamole cheeseburgers with chipotle ketchup!! I'm so ready. #thejudylab #

#fbf The golden hour at the Faraglioni rocks in Capri. Take me back to the land of the best Spaghetti Alle Vongole the most beautiful beach club La Fontelina ohhhh and the swimming I miss the water. #thejudylabtravels #TravelerinCapri

Ginger garlic & anchovy crispy pork with kale and zucchini. Discovered that I finally like making stirfry. (Only because I finally made one I actually like.) #thejudylab