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Dolphins are one of the most amazing and intelligent animal species on the planet. Their playful nature, friendly behavior and remarkable intelligence make people all over the world adore them. Moreover, it appears that dolphins demonstrate skills and awareness previously attributed only to humans. HUMAN-LIKE INTELLIGENCE Scientists at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia in the US, used MRI scanners to map the brains of dolphins and then compared the received data with that of other ...

DOLPHINS Lori Marino, one of the world's leading dolphin experts, conducted MRI scans of a dolphin’s brain, which concluded that the mammal has a brain that is four to five times larger for its body size in comparison to other animals of similar size. Marino also conducted behavioral studies that suggest that dolphins can actually recognize themselves in a mirror, understand symbol-based communication systems, and acquire cultural learning.

"And the reason we say that [distributed sense of self] is how they communicate amongst themselves when they’re traveling and how they respond when one individual is detained or injured or harmed or attacked. It’s really interesting. There’s been a lot of discussion about why do they have these mass strandings and how is it you that get to capture all these animals all at once. In Taiji, Japan, when they slaughtered them, why [didn't] they just jump the nets?" Lori Marino - Nuerobiologist

"They have an extra lobe of tissue that sort of sits adjacent to their limbic system and their neocortex. You can infer from that. That lobe has something to do with processing emotions, but also something to do with thinking. It’s very highly elaborated in most cetaceans and not at all or not nearly as much in humans or other mammals, so it suggests that there’s something that evolved or adapted in that brain over time that did not occur in other mammals, including humans." - Lori Marino

My friend Anna and I went whale watching on one of my trips to Washington. It was a life-changing experience.

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