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For those that say i'm a bitch and i changed a lot. Hun, maybe your shitty attitude is the problem and i'm not rolling with those vibes. ✌

and then i notice how a group of them act and get all paranoid so i test it out the next day to see how they'll react and they usually are normal and even friendlier than i though im like UGH WHY BRAIN

Yep, I do. And I think it's called puberty. Every human goes through puberty.

Exactly there was someone I used to like but he turned out to be just like someone else I know.

from Body Decor Boutique

Sickening work ethic

I like this but I don't like how it says pretty girls cause it kinda seems like it's saying not every girl is pretty and in my opinion every girl is just in different ways

so many people know me well and they dont deserve it. i literally think about how i wasted my time on people who dont care about me every night and it hurts