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• Dave Strider Jade Harley John Egbert Rose Lalonde vriska serket nepeta leijon Gamzee Makara jake english karkat vantas eridan ampora fefer...

• I’m pretty sure someones already done this. Oh well. ;A; Mambo... homestuck Dave Strider Jade Harley John Egbert Rose Lalonde trolls vriska serket nepeta leijon Gamzee Makara jake english butterfly karkat vantas eridan ampora feferi peixes sollux captor aradia megido terezi pyrope epic bro strider mom lalonde jane crocker tavros nitram equius zahhak dad egbert Roxy Lalonde Dirk Strider lord english mambostuck Kayana Maryam Beta-kids nattiearu •

Mambostuck (Homestuck Animation) byToastyHat from Tumblr or Empty from the EmptyFeet channel on YouTube. Made using ToonBoom Studio 4.5. I like Homestuck in general so I fell in love with this the moment I saw it. Since I know what Homestuck is, I understand what everything in this means and who all the characters are. I love how smooth it is, and I especially love the shot of the feet walking.

"Manicro" -(Manicure By Lady gaga Cronus Ampora Song pitched down by tumblr user hellyeahangels. Art screenshoted from the Youtube video "Manicro" By Emptyfeet (Emptyfeet is AWESOME btw!!!! An amazing animator and artist and is just so great!!! >v< OMG the video is great check it out! all the other sources are in the video its kind of EPIC!!!

After Us Hello all Homestucks the artist Toastyhat has finish a three minute video for the ancestors. Her description is better so yeah...anyways she worked hard and got it done lets all put are hands together for Toasty and lets watch After Us to our hearts content We love you Toasty :33

Have I pinned this already? Because I LOVE all of toastyhat/ emptyfeet's stuff and THIS IS LIKE MY FAV ERIDAN THING EVER

Homestuck the Sufferer click to watch (watch the full video on YouTube by looking up "After Us" by Emptyfeet)