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(BadAss) NATHAN - #fashion tee #cat hoodie. MORE INFO =>

Hoodie Creepypasta by on @deviantART

Hoodie's an angel. I can handle this. *nose starts to bleed* nope no I can not. I-I uhh. *passes out *

He doesn't wear a hoodie, he IS Hoodie. -So true doe. XD Makes it even cutaaa

Haha Found Hoodies phone.. >:) And now hes gonna kill me. ^.^

You're the shy one | Life in the Mansion Pt. 1 - Quiz | Quotev

Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, sunglasses, funny, text, comic, hoodie; Creepypasta

Holy shit 0////0 *nosebleed* I-I'm ok...... N-nope. No I'm not.