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Stranger Things… God, I really, really fell in love with this show and i had to make a little drawing of it. Its story kept me on the edge of my chair on many occasions and the songs, costumes, places and characters they really make you travel in...

Can you just...take Canada off that list? Indigenous communities are treated very poorly.

"Am I the only one who likes to sleep with the bedroom very cold so that she can cocoon herself with heavy blankets?"

"Math and meth sound very Similar, except one ruins your life, and then there is just meth. "

Jacksepticeye appears on phone screen I look he is such a god

You might even say that it's terrible

Now this is POWERFUL!! Says it all! Thunder Walks About ‏@notaxiwarrior ・・・ {Another pinner wrote:) In reference to the Dakota Access Pipeline protest. I’m not great at words but this issue is very dear to my heart so here’s some art.