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Magnus/Alec. Familiar faces from The Mortal Instruments begin their formal education at The Institute. Even snark can't hide the fact that it's one scary place. Imagine HP meets TMI, with more sarcasm.

Magnus/Alec. In the style of so many bestselling teen novels, the Mortal Instruments characters go to high school. How will they will battle the pressure of making grades, fitting in, and extracurricular activities?

Magnus/Alec. A series of stories focusing on Magnus and Alec both their romance and their individual experiences during "The Mortal Instruments" series

Magnus/Alec. When Magnus told him "In nine or ten years, come find me and then we'll talk," he probably hadn't meant "Nearly get yourself killed by a Greater Demon so I have to heal you again." Alec was better at this when he was nine.

Magnus/Alec. Alec starts to have nightmares. They seem to scare him more and more; put him on edge and proceed to torture him, even when awake. Magnus begins to worry as the council falls apart, members one by one disappearing - never to be found.

Will/Jem. In which Will chases Jem, Jem struggles with allowing himself to be loved, and Will refuses to give up.

Magnus/Alec. He still couldn't believe this was actually happening. Things like this didn't happen to him.

Jace/Alec, Magnus/Alec, Jace/Clary. Story begins after the cookie for City of Glass where Jace dares Alec to kiss him. What will happen to their relationships, both with each other, and with those they care about, if Alec does?

Magnus/Alec. Before Alec could form an answer however, the warlock closed the distance between them in a slow, deliberate movement. The line of his body was pressed to Alec’s back suddenly, barely any part of them left where they aren’t touching. The nephilim held his breath, felt himself still entirely against Magnus in anticipation.

Robert gets rocks thrown at him, Valentine is occasionally not a total sociopath, and Max almost ends up being named 'Templeton' - in short, eleven people who impacted Maryse Lightwood's life, in one way or another.