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Gallery - Nam Dam Homestay and Community House / 1+1>2 Architects - 9

Nam Dam Homestay and Community House,© Vu Xuan Son

NOT Cliffs of Moher but Etretat France!!  Experience spectacular natural beauty around the world! TravelingUnleashed.com

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland - wow - I have been here ! Fun memories - also pretty scary at the top ! Such a long one ago !

There are those who sit at home and wonder what it is beyond their front door. Than there are those that go out seeking the ends of the Earth looking behind many doors. It is imbedded in our DNA to try and discover what lies beyond our reach.

Son Doong Cave (Vietnam) - If you want some adventures, just go to the airport and have a flight to Son Doong Cave

This is the place of interest you can visit while in india

DIY Entertainment Center For Your Precious Home

Egyptians' greatest gift given to the world. Seeing the pyramids took my breath away, for it was an amazing sight to see.

Prague, Czech Republic | Sea of Atlas

Prague, Czech Republic | Sea of Atlas