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ヤン・ファーブル個展、昆虫の鞘翅用いたモザイク画を日本初展示 - art-designニュース : CINRA.NET

ヤン・ファーブル個展、昆虫の鞘翅用いたモザイク画を日本初展示 - art-designニュース : CINRA.NET

Juju suit, from 1912. Meinhof, Carl. Afrikanische Religionen: Hamburgische Vorträge

D May African "Juju costume". Image taken from a lecture given by Carl Meinhof on African Religion in Hamburg, Shaman, ritual, costume

History of Garuda, Bali, Indonesia

Carving of Garuda, Bali(?), Photograph HIstory of Garuda by Indra Ihsan Kemal on…

Usually engineers make practical things happen, and sometimes they make our dreams and fantasies come true. Tolkien's Oliphants come to real life with this gigantic wooden electromechanical elephant.     Part of the artistic project Les Machines de L'île (http://www.lesmachines-nantes.fr/) by François and Pierre Orefice Delarozière

The Great Artificial Elephant, Nantes, France, This is a robotic miracle!Made from 45 tons of recycled materials,measuring 12 meters high and 8 meters wide. It can carry up to 49 passengers!

Jan Fabre : Congo | Galerie Daniel Templon | Expositions | Time Out Paris

Jan Fabre : Congo | Galerie Daniel Templon | Expositions | Time Out Paris

観音 Guanyin* Arielle Gabriel's memoir The Goddess of Mercy & The Dept. of Miracles, a unique tale of a mystic suffering financial devastation among the world's richest ex-pats *

I am a Zen monk and would like to put the Teachings of the Buddha, Patriarchs and Masters out there with an emphasis on practice to attain one's true self and help others.