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The use of military influence in fashion has been seen in Burberry, Jason Wu, and many other current collections. This is similar to the military influence in fashion that was seen in 1916 after WWI for both men and women. 2/8/16

Denim was used as a way to break the walls down between women's and men's dress. In 1935 Vogue ran an advertisement for Western Chic that showcased women working on a Dude Ranch. 2/21/16

This is a pair of contemporary knickers, REI sells them as bicycling pants. They still take on the same use for men as they did in the past, just with a more up to date look and slender figure.

Corsets were used widely in women's clothing once the women's figure became a highlight and fashion became a concept. Corsets are still used today to help achieve an hourglass figure. A lot of wedding gowns use corsets as an undergarment (like the were throughout the 19th C. and beginning of the 20th C.) to create a more pulled-together and shapely look.

This is a modern dress of pairing harem pants with a tunic top. It was seen in Chanel's 2016 collection. This was a very popular form of evening dress for the women of London in 1910. 2/8/16

These are showing the use of denim for a style called joggers. Joggers reached their height of popularity in 2013 and has slowly decreased since then, but we still see a lot of buzz about this product. Joggers can be worn by both men and women and can be seen in many different fabrics and colors. The past picture of the joggers is an ad from gap in 2013. 3/28/16