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Waste your day (or week) in this searchable database of ‘millennial attitudes’

 this little piggy!!!!

Love that someone found humor in an otherwise bad situation. I'd use my accidental dismemberment payment to get this tattoo :) ~ Ink Tattoos Little Piggy

2017-08-14.gif (400×275)

2017-08-14.gif (400×275)

The execution! (this reminds me of Inside out)

This isn't funny its true. Many teens do this and it because of grades or presure. Take this pin seriously.

Fake History Meme - Lazytown (Made by Ion Hambone)

Fake History Meme - Lazytown (Made by Ion Hambone)

Don't Worry, That's Tomato

hahaha oh my gosh i laughed and laughed at this!bi already pinned this but it is too funny<<< lol is that Shane Dawson in not cool

Nickelodeon In The 90s those where the days

Nickelodeon In The 90s

The Amanda Show. they actually got everyone to wear a dress. even the cameramen. this is why the Amanda Show rocked!

Theres a snake in mah boot.

There's a snake In my boot! -- I got to yell that once! Cuz there really was a snake in my boot!