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..Cute Coups xD

..Cute Coups xD

cool white gecko images ideas - geckos lifespan

Geckos Life Span

This is an African Fat Tail gecko (AFT). They are commonly mistaken for leopard geckos.

ball python morphs - Google Search

This looks like a paradox Ball Python of some sort (not sure what combo of morphs), but it's gorgeous!

Axanthic bumble bee ball python. While Iris is all about the bright yellow Bumble Bee morphs, this is just friggin' pretty.

Axanthic Bumble Bee - The Snake Keeper Line - Morph List - World of Ball Pythons

Four different styles of ball python

4 Morphs of Ball Python: "Purple Passion/Phantom Mojave/Phantom Potion (top left), Lesser or Butter Pastel (top right), Cinnamon or Black Pastel Albino (bottom right) and a Mojave or Mystic (bottom right)", best guesses by Grondin