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Saint Christopher, feast day:25 july. A patron saint of travellers, whose name means "Christ carrier"He is typically depicted as a tall, middle aged, bearded man with a staff who wades across a river carrying the Christ child on his shoulders

Christopher Reeve - Superman. I still have "daymares" of earthquakes from my child memories of this film!!

Christopher bearing the Christ child (outer panel of Descent from the Cross): (1612-14) Painted according to Golden Legend Narrative: SALVATION! shoulders carry, body mortifications, mind devoted and mouth professing/preaching Him; heavily muscled - like ancient Roman Farnese Hercules; Giant: mythical hero in physique + in putting strength at service of mankind; similar to Orazio Bogianni's St.Christopher: striding forward out of picture plane - carrying Christ to the beholder

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by Kelly Ross and Christopher Childs It’s been about 8 months since we moved into our 1991 Ford Thomas school bus conversion and life is just great. We started the build hoping to find a way to save some money and along the way discovered that our new home provides us with not only financial…

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