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ATI is pleased to announce a number of hardware improvements aimed at increasing flight performance, aerodynamics and portability in the AgBOT

FLIR 6000 Series Infrared Camera

FLIR 6000 Series Infrared Camera

Your phone is about to get a James Bond-esque update.

Special Case Gives Your iPhone Heat Vision

FLIR One for iPhone - Adapter turns your iPhone into a thermal image camera. Useful for detecting ventilation leaks around doors and windows, car engine trouble, over-heating circuitry and night time security

FireFLY6 PRO Payload - MicaSense RedEdge

Parrot Sequoia

FireFLY6 PRO Payload - MicaSense RedEdge

Buy FLIR ONE - iPhone 5/5s | FLIR Systems. Thermal camera for iPhone!! $149

FLIR one is a thermal imaging device + iPhone 5 case. The low-res device is built for convenience, connectivity, and cost. It's about the cost of other thermal imaging devices.

Space shuttle cockpit

Cockpit of Endeavor, intact and powered up one last time.

STORM Drone AntiGravity GPS Flying Platform (RTF / NAZA V2) - HeliPal

Co-operating with T-Motor, reaching for Maximum Flight Time with best material and radical design Presenting the Storm Drone AntiGravity w/ NAZA GPS in Ready to Fly Package Do you want