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The Georgian Era was a time of great social change--and great food! Here's a recipe for a delicious wine and lemon syllabub.

Garlicky Georgian Poussins

Garlicky Georgian Poussins recipe: Butter, plenty of garlic, coriander, dill, and tarragon. #food52

In this recipe we will show how to make a popular Georgian family dish of eggplant with walnuts and spices. This is primarily a summer dish and is served cold. Our version is quite spicy so you may...

Chvishtari (cornbread with cheese) comes from Svaneti (Georgian: სვანეთი), a mountainous province in the northwestern part of Georgia. There are several types of Chvishtari and in this recipe we will show how to make one of the most popular.

Georgian Garlic Chicken (Chkmeruli)

Georgian Garlic Chicken (Chkmeruli) Serve this addictively spicy chicken with grits, bread or potatoes: You'll want some carbs to soak up the gloriously garlicky liquid in which the meat is cooked.