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he flooded her thoughts every second of everyday. and she didn't know how to swim but that was okay

Aspergers - notice the tiniest detail with intensity - classic example - "Where's Waldo/Wally". Those on the Spectrum can find him within seconds or a couple of minutes. (Prof Ute Frith, has developed this as one her diagnostic tools)

I miss you so much it hurts. I don't know how you are, what you are doing, if you're thinking of me...I need to hear from you, your sweet words, your beautiful smile... I love you more everyday and I can't stand not being with you. Don't you miss me too?

often, i picture us holding hands and watching movies, sitting on beaches beneath old oak trees, hearing you laugh throughout the day and catching you smile when you think i don’t see… and all i can do is hope that when you close your eyes, your mind is

Good morning Baby!! I hope U slept some on such a long night! Not sure what words might bring you comfort but I do want U to know that YOU are in my thoughts & in my heart & I Love YOU so very much!!! I Miss U terribly!!***

Or how she buys your favorite foods and helps you cut your hair or rubs your back til you fall asleep. (The little things cuz I love you so).

Hmm...that's a short list. But a funny thought. It may have even happened one before. Haha