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Still towing the line...almost there.

Please. Let's just go back. Let me walk into the room and see you. Let my breath catch again as I wondered where to sit. You were so beautiful. Let's go back to when we stood. With our inside jokes. No one understood us and they thought that we were weird. Let's go back to the time you whispered things in class. Making my stomach hurt as I tried not to laugh. Let go back before the notes. Let's go back before that question, that day, let's go back to when you didn't care what people thought.

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Power of Forgiveness

True. unfortunately...

from Berry

We all have our favorite QUOTES (29 photos)

We cannot start over, but we can begin now, and make a new ending.-#Love #quote

God knows who belongs in your life and who doesn't. Trust and let go. Whoever is meant to be there will still be there.

Don't regret the people who were in your past, at the time they were exactly who wanted to be with.

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How Judging Others Incorrectly Can Make You Miserable

// Don't be afraid to do something just because you're scared of what people are going to say about you. People will judge you no matter what.

Forgiveness benefits you the most because it releases the negative energy drain..

“You are more than the mistakes you've made.” Don't let your past define you. Transform your mistakes into lessons. Learn. Let go.