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I know Im fucked in the head when these three songs describe: Crybaby - myself; Dollhouse - my family; Pity Party - my social life

No that's not true you can hate someone because you don't want to be like them!

Forgiven (Book 3, The Watchers Trilogy; Young Adult Paranormal Romance) by S.J. West,

Air Supply .. All Out of Love .. I really loved this Australian group...great smooth voices and their orchestral backup was awesome

"When you have anime OP's and ED's on your mp3s" so true

Chattanooga Choo Choo - The Andrews Sisters

The Kenny Rogers version was a huge hit. Lionel Richie had the original and never put it to radio air play. Listen to this and the vocal ability is far better tha Kenny. Game of Thrones Season 3 on HBO. While should the new and innovative season commencement? What main attributes are going to be killed off? Will possibly Joffrey be killed?

By voting for them, we "hire" them. I think they forget that we have the power to fire them and nail their greedy asses to the wall. PLEASE REGISTER TO VOTE AND THEN VOTE.