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from Slow Travel in Europe and Beyond | CheeseWeb

Abbey Notre-Dame d'Orval - Belgium

Must travel to Belgium for an abbey brewery tour. Orval Trappist Abbey - Belgium

Rauschende Wasserfälle: Jungfernsprung, Hohe Tauern Bild: Popp&Hackner

Perhaps this iron lock and key traveled the world on a majestic ship or was used to keep treasures safe. A haunting charm will take over when placed on a bookshelf or display case. What ever its story, this find is a statement piece on its own.

NGC 3190 ~ The Predator NGC 3190 is a spiral galaxy with tightly wound arms and lying in the constellation Leo. It was discovered by William Herschel in 1784. NGC 3190 is member of Hickson 44 galaxy group, estimated at around 80 million light years away, and consisting of four galaxies in a tight group.

Mansion in Savannah, Georgia (note the live stairs)

Walkway by The Rocks, Aareschlucht, Switzerland I need to see if this is even near where we are haha

Skansen, Stockholm Sweden Founded in 1891, this open air museum and zoo on the island of Djurgården gives visitors a glimpse of old world Sweden. Walk through stores and homes that replicate daily life before the industrial era. The zoo houses elk, bears and wolverines among its many residents.