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3. Continue rolling it down the rest of the penis. You can also rub more lube on the condom when you’re finished if any of it came off while applying it. Once the condom is on you are ready for action! If you start to feel the condom coming off at any point, readjust it before continuing.

4. When you’ve finished, you can pull the condom off, being careful not to let it’s contents leak out.Dispose of the condom in a waste bin. Don’t flush it down the toilet because it is not biodegradable and it can also clog your plumbing. Remember to clean up and pee to prevent any chance of getting a UTI, and then you’re all set!

2. The male condom comes already rolled up. Keep it rolled up. Squeeze the tip to get all the air out as that can cause it to rupture. Then, with the end still pinched, slowly start rolling it over the head of the penis. Keep the rolling side on the outside to make it easy to put on and remove. Putting a little bit of lube on the penis or in the condom directly can help this process go smoothly and add a little extra sensation for the inside of the condom. It’s also totally safe!

1. Check the condom packaging to make sure that it isn’t expired, hasn’t been tampered with, or damaged. If there is any other clear damage to the package or if the condom is expired, throw it away and grab a new one. It isn’t worth the risk. Always make sure the penis that you are putting the condom on is erect.