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Explore Cherie Italy, Celtic Pieces and more!

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy shop at Beautiful & Handmade pieces and prices are reasonable too. From Cherie Italy. A lot of Celtic pieces. My favorite!

Lovely! While I can see that this is solder together, I can't help thinking that you could wire this all together if you wanted to make one similar and can't solder. You would have to make the piece individually, but it could be done.

from Etsy

Triskele Pendant Triskelion, Moonstone Locket, Celtic Jewelry, Celtic Necklace, Irish Jewelry, Silver Locket Necklace, Celtic Pendant

Triskele, LOCKET, Silver Locket Necklace,Celtic Pendant,Moonstone Locket,Lockets,Celtic Jewelry,Pagan Jewelry,Celtic Necklace,Irish Jewelry,...

from Etsy

Celtic Cartilage Earring - silver cartilage earring , helix earring , ear cuff , ear piercing , celtic jewelry , silver helix ,elven jewelry