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I've just to to remember this

Most people learn love from their parents, or families, I learned mine despite my parents, but show them the love I've learned, because maybe no one taught them. Be patient with the hurt you feel, someone else may feel it to

A chaotic life is not for me! I have changed a LOT in the past year and those who just can't keep up, well, they just can't keep up! Happiness is a choice, peace of mind comes when you make better choices!

Keep it clean, eat your greens, don’t be mean, in ’17.

Nobody knows you better than yourself....<3

I was hoping that you would come to your senses quickly and realize I didn't deserve what you did to me and find some way to make it up to me, I guess that I didn't really know who you were because I thought friendship, respect, and loyalty were important to you.

I have to consider this ALL the time with my nieces, due to the subtle bs their father puts them through >:C

Wow! There are some that said it could never be like it was with him. That's true, it's better. We needed a wake up. Where we were headed was not good. With time and forgiveness we have built something one only dreams of.

Stronger every day and every day I'm one day closer to regaining my true authentic self... Thanks be to God!