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Step by Step Selenium Tutorial with JAVA - Example for Partial XPATH with contains KEYWORD - P21 - YouTube

This video will guide you to play the online flash games in offline. When you play the flash games offline you need not to have the internet connection. And will save your internet data usage when it plays in offline and when you want to play the game multiple times.

This video will guide you to get the paid android apps for free from App of the day will be available from for the particular timings. We need to download the paid apps for free between the timeline.

This video will guide you to manage all your free cloud storage services at one place in multcloud. This multcloud cloud website is very useful to integrate all your cloud services at one shop. We can easily transfer the files between the cloud storage. Also by incorporating all cloud services, we will get more than 50GB free space.

This is an part 2 of How I made my blog - Techy Vicky Blog. Here I have explained about the essentials and basic things to be prepared before you start the blog. Pre-requesite: 1. Choose your blog title 2. Blog description 3. Template to build your website or blog. Free blogger templates are available on internet. Part 3 : How I made my blog - Make private your website before you build - Part 3

HTML Hacks - Required attribute for default message to fill out the field?