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One Direction member fakes playing guitar on stage with a guitar that is not plugged in.

wtf okay guys please check this out! I really don't have a comment on this. like my friend shared this on facebook and I didn't know what to comment. please check!! I don't think its right. like it might have not been during the concert like maybe before. what do u think?? this is no spam please check and if you have any idea please comment!

I just really love this picture

Even when the night changes it will never change me and u ... i will forever luv uuuu Niall

Oddly I'm in no rush for them to do that .but it should TOTALLY happen at some stage.

cause his facial expression are exactly how my feels look like every time i see a pic of him or the boys .... i can't even... lol

I love their pictures the most when they are performing. Cause then you just get to see how passionate they are. And this is what they love. Thus is what they live for!!!!

But the fact that Niall has a song out makes me kinda sad because it's like official that one direction is like over and I'm not ready to handle all that yet

One Direction on

Niall <3