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A robot that resembles a human female, named AILA, might become the second android in space after the Robonaut 2. It has been designed by the Robotics Innovation Center at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and the Robotics Group at the University of Bremen...

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MIT demos shoulder-mounted Doc Ock robot arms

Researchers at MIT have created working prototypes of Supernumerary Robotic Limbs, extra robot arms that work with your body movements and m...

ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovation Mobility) is a "humanoid robot" designed by, surprisingly, Honda. ASIMO is the prototype of what is to literally step into the average household in the future. Although this technology is very expensive, just like every technology, the average family will be able to afford one. ASIMO can assist humans as it has superb artificial intelligence. Humans will soon be lining up at BestBuys to buy their own personal robot to help with everyday tasks.

robot humanoid with pams (pneumatic air muscles)

Electronic Devices Controlled With Your Mind | | BCI (brain–computer interface). EPOC ($299): Emotiv’s wired headset has 16 contacts, that are to be wet with saline solution for a better contact, in order to get a higher sensitivity. A few starter games and monitors will get you started, however the most intersting about it is the software development kit...


Le robot géant Kuratas est en vente

Suidobashi Heavy Industry – Kuratas

Robots with insect brains Robot hardware. The camera output is processed on the Arduino board .

Rethink Robotics Upgrades Baxter to 2.0 Software - IEEE Spectrum

Watch This Unbelievable Robot Hand Tie A Shoe (VIDEO)