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Tablet Woven Trim, Tablet Weaving, Card Weaving, Tablet Woven Belt, Viking re enactment, Period Costume Trim, Hand Woven Trim, Medieval Trim

Trim Medieval,Medieval Viking,Woven Trim,Woven Belt,Tablet Woven,Weaving Tablet,Enactment Period,Karetky Inspi,Rus Ball

from Etsy

Tablet Weaving, Tablet Woven, Card Woven Braid (Trim) for Saxon, Viking, Slav and other Early or Late Medieval Reenactment

from Etsy

Tablet weaving trim, diamond pattern, tablet weaving, viking medieval, reenactment, sca, larp

Sca Larp,Medieval Reenactment,Viking Medieval,Viking Norse,Tablet Weaving Card,Tablet Weaving,Trim Diamond,Diamond Pattern,Pattern Tablet

My first thought was how wide and fine this weaving is - not a small undertaking. Too often as crafters we are looking for the quick fix, a hurried result rather than a meditative process. A good reminder not to aim too low. Gorgeous! Card weaving/Tablet weaving