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Explore 2006 Modern, Laika Modernlaika and more! ΠΑΝΟΥ ΠΟΛΥ - ΑΓΑΠΗΜΕΝΕΣ ΦΩΝΕΣ (2006) [Modern Laika] # #ModernLaika

Summer Olympics 2004. After 108 years of waiting, and with 28 centuries of Olympic history coursing through the nation, the Olympic Games triumphantly returned to Athens, Greece. Athenians welcomed the world back to the birthplace of the ancient and modern Olympic Games with a stunningly ornate, extravagant and breathtaking ceremony filled with myth, music and majesty. ΛΕΓΑΚΗ ΕΛΕΝΗ - ΠΑΡΑΔΟΣΙΑΚΑ ΤΡΑΓΟΥΔΙΑ ΤΟΥ ΓΑΜΟΥ 2 (2006) [Modern Laika] # #ModernLaika ΚΟΚΟΤΑΣ ΣΤΑΜΑΤΗΣ - ΑΓΑΠΗΜΕΝΕΣ ΦΩΝΕΣ (2006) [Modern Laika] # #ModernLaika ΚΟΛΛΙΑΣ ΚΩΣΤΑΣ - ΑΓΑΠΗΜΕΝΕΣ ΦΩΝΕΣ (2006) [Modern Laika] # #ModernLaika ΜΑΡΓΑΡΙΤΗΣ ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ - ΑΓΑΠΗΜΕΝΕΣ ΦΩΝΕΣ (2006) [Modern Laika] # #ModernLaika

Classical Period: This is a photo commemorating the Battle of Thermopylae. I chose this photo because it shows the impact Greek history still has in modern times since it is a poster for the movie 300. However, I also chose it because it shows the immense power of the Persian army. For the Greeks to have won in battles like Marathon and many others at sea, they had to have power and intelligence of their own. ΖΑΓΟΡΑΙΟΣ ΣΠΥΡΟΣ - ΑΓΑΠΗΜΕΝΕΣ ΦΩΝΕΣ (2006) [Modern Laika] # #ModernLaika

Veiled dancer. Terracotta figurine from Myrina, ca. 150 BC–100 BC, height: 7". Location: Louvre, Department of Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities, Sully wing, first floor (Ma 660) Photographer: Jastrow (2006)