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Sponge Toss Water Activity

This sponge toss water activity is a great way for kids or adults to cool off this summer. It's super easy and inexpensive to put together and works great for group or family activities.

Penguin Hop Counting Game

Help toddlers learn to count and practice one to one correspondence with these easy penguin counting game and sensory play activity.

Planning a trip to the cottage this summer? Even if your not, these super cute crafts are perfect for a lazy summer afternoon

Water transfer with a sponge - practice squeezing and transferring from one bowl to another. This post also shares who to use a baster, a funnel and a pitcher with water play and fine motor skills

Awesome DIY Water Table with Red, White, and Blue Activities

This DIY water table is inexpensive to make, sturdy, and versatile! It's perfect for patriotic activities (or practical life activities) that can be adapted for any country.