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OLTL con-artists Cutter and Aubrey Wentworth, played by Josh Kelly and Terri Conn, tried and failed to steal the Buchanan fortune. Cutter's mother was later revealed to be the abandoned son of Alex Olanov!

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Llanview's Red Ball

Blair & her mother, Addie. (OLTL)

Billionaire Texan Asa Buchanan moved to Llanview, with his sons Clint and Bo.

After the death of her mother Irene, Viki's god daughter Tina Clayton came to Llanview.

Bo, Nora and their son, Matthew. (OLTL)

#GH50 the climactic scene in which Liz tells Jason that Jake is his son

Joe couldn't believe Viki was pregnant again. He died before she gave birth to their son Joey.